Lypolyt®: For use in kitchen and sanitary

Our environmentally friendly Lipolyt ® products use natural cleaning powers of selected bacterial cultures together with stabilized enzymes for decomposition and degradation of organic deposits and odors.

From Lipolyt® product range are available:

Drain cleaner (Lipolyt® - ARR)
Fatcracker (Lipolyt® FAP)
Fatcracker (Lipolyt® 2000)
Smell control (Lipolyt® - GEF)
Toilet cleaner (Lipolyt® - Toi)
Oil stain remover (Lipolyt® - OIL)

Formulation: liquid
Package Size: 1- L bottle

Lipolyt® - ARR

drain cleaner with active biological effect

Lipolyt®- ARR is an easy to use, fast-acting and safe agent to prevent blockages caused by grease, soap, hair and other debris in the systems.

The exclusive bioactive and enzyme-enhanced formula of this product liquefies organic material and breaks it down so that hair is rinsed out and the drain stays clear.

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Lipolyt® - FAP

Fatcracker with the biological effect

Lipolyt® - FAP is an environmentally friendly liquid product that uses the cleaning power of nature in order to keep grease traps and drain pipes free from fat deposits and blockages e.g. in the food industry .

With regular use of Lipolyt ® FAP drains and pipes remain continuous and odor-free, so that clogging and frequent expensive pumping of the grease trap can be avoided.

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Lipolyt® - 2000

Fatcracker with long-term effect

Lipolyt® - 2000 is a new environmentally friendly product for cleaning supply and disposal lines that are contaminated with organic residues such as grease, oils, food scraps etc. Besides cleaning the drain pipes extends the intervals of grease trap waste until the odor comes back .

Lipolyt® - 2000 is a coordinated system solution consisting of two components and with a long-term effect about 3 months.

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Material safety data sheet (component I) - Material safety data sheet (component II)

Lipolyt® -GEF

the odor control with a biological effect

Lipolyt® -GEF is a new environmentally friendly product for the degradation of organic substances that cause bad smell. It can, for example, reduce odors in public toilets or sanitary facilities - on all porous surfaces, compost plants and in containers.

The cause of most odors is the decomposition of organic substances. Real success brings only the removal or destruction of the odor source, in nature microorganisms destroy waste and bad smell.

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Lipolyt® toilet cleaner

biologically powerful and safe

Lipolyt® toilet cleaner is an accessory for all mobile toilet systems on microbial basis. The combination of fast acting enzymes and faecal degrading bacteria liquefies regularly used the fecal waste in portable toilets and eliminates unpleasant odors.

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Lipolyt® -Oil

The oil stain remover contains biodegradable ingredients, enzymes and naturally occurring specific bacteria that remove oil by degradation. The Oil -Cleaner is an effective eco-friendly product for the removal of mine spots on hard floor materials such as paving, concrete areas and garage floors, but not on asphalt. It is characterized by a rapid onset of action and ease of use.

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