Peraldex®: For use in industrial, domestic and commercial

From Peraldex® product range are available:

pond cleaner (Peraldex® Teich)
algae moss fungicide (Peraldex® -AMS)
Peraldex® Industrial Cleaner

Formulation: liquid
Package Size: 1- L bottle

Peraldex® - Teich

Biological product for cleaning fish ponds and shrimp aquarium

In fish rearing systems, especially in warm climates it comes rapidly to eutrophication, because the excrement can not be sufficiently reduced with the rapid growth of the animals. A technically method already been used is the addition of microorganisms and enzymes for the reduction of the resulting slurry.

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Peraldex® - AMS

Effective against algae, moss and mold

Peraldex® AMS is a biological product for the control of lower spore-forming plants such as algae , moss and mold on various surfaces such as eg stone ,concrete, brick and plaster facades. The product has no toxic properties, contains no acids and is not corrosive. It is easy to use , readily biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

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Peraldex® - Industrial Cleaner

With a strong effect

The biological industrial cleaner is completely made from natural renewable resources such as yeast and natural oils. It is dermatologically safe and completely biodegradable within a short time period.

The product on the basis of the surfactant Faliten cleans very effectively motors, metal parts, pipes and equipment, ovens and containers of adhesive substances (oils , fats , grease , tar and dust).

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