Current research project

SUSFERT - "Development of a sustainable multifunctional fertilizer for the supply of plants with phosphates and iron"

Coordination: RTDS Group, Vienna (AT)
Period: May 2018 - June 2023

The SUSFERT project will develop sustainable, multi-functional fertilizers for the optimal phosphate and iron supply of crops with the aim of strengthening the bio-economy by valorising waste and by-products of the industry. The nutrient availability is increased by the combination with probiotic solutions and supplemented with the renewable phosphate source struvite.

The ABiTEP GmbH deals with the selection and characterization of selected bacterial strains and the process engineering development of fermentation processes for bacterial biomass production (including up-scaling). This is followed by the development of a suitable formulation for combination with the fertilizer substrate.

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BIOFECTOR: "The Use of Bio-Effectors for Crop Nutrition"
Coordination: Universität Hohenheim
Time period: 2012-2017

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